Welcome to the State Assistance for Housing Relief (SAFHR): Application Portal

  • SAFHR applications are available for landlords and tenants
  • Click here for the SAFHR for Renters Application: https://safhr.smapply.org/prog/safhr_renter_application_portal/
  • Click here for the SAFHR for Landlords  Application:  https://safhr.smapply.org/prog/landlord_portal-_safhr/
  • The SAFHR for Renters application is available for tenants seeking assistance for past-due rent, forward rent, and/or utilities. 
  • The SAFHR for Landlords application is available for landlords seeking past-due rent and forward rent assistance for tenants
  • Use Google Chrome or Firefox web browsers to complete application, use of other browsers, especially Internet Explorer can result in loss of functionality and incorrect or incomplete information being submitted in your application which could result in a delayed processing.
  • For questions about your application, contact us here, or call 833-541-1599

For more information on the SAFHR Program and to access:

  • Eligibility Information;
  • Pre-Application Documents; and
  • Application Instructions

Please visit https://www.mohousingresources.com/safhr

This project is being supported, in whole or in part, by federal award number ERA-2101112507 awarded to Missouri Department of Economic Development by the U.S. Department of the Treasury. The Missouri Housing Development Commission is administering this project on behalf of the Missouri Department of Economic Development.

If you or someone you know served in the U.S Armed Forces, we encourage you to visit http://veteranbenefits.mo.gov or call (573)751-3779 to learn about available 

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